10 October 2006

MST3K (411)

411 - The Magic Sword - Lodac: "I have waited until your daughter reached that age so that my dragon could relish the flesh of the princess." Joel: "Oh, wow." Best B.I.G. movie so far. I'd watch this unMSTied, no problem. It's colorful, with ghosts and hags and ogres and wizards and princesses and such.

Trying to capture that old/recent magic from the "Oh, Kim Cattrall" song, Crow brings us an "Ode to Estelle." I don't think he'll be getting flowers from the object of his affection this time. Poor Estelle died 8 years prior to this. Sort of puts a sick spin on the song, don't it? Then again, poor Richard Basehart is also long-dead and that doesn't seem to bother Gypsy at all.

Another nice episode in a season full of 'em. Nothing else to say, other things to do, I'm off...

"I dub you Sir Moron. C'mon, dummy." (7/10)

film d. Bert I. Gordon (1962)
mst d. Jim Mallon (29 Aug 1992)