05 October 2006

SWH: Week 3 (eleven)

Six Weeks of HalloweenMystery Science Theater 3000: "The Killer Shrews" (1992)
[A Year on the Satellite of Love] (7/10)
d. Jim Mallon & Ray Kellogg

The Munsters: "The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster" (1964)
I'm glad they wrecked it, as the Munsters' other car was boring. (7/10)
d. Ezra Stone

The Munsters: "Sleeping Cutie" (1964)
Being forced to kiss a comatose coed laying on a slab in a dungeon is part of every oil company deal, I'm sure. (7/10)
d. Norman Abbott

The Munsters: "Family Portrait" (1964)
Goodbye, pretty, but unanimated Beverly Owen. (7/10)
d. Lawrence Dobkin

The Munsters: "Grandpa Leaves Home" (1964)
Hello, near-identical Pat Priest. (7/10)
d. Norman Abbott