21 October 2006

SWH: Week 5 (twenty-three)

Six Weeks of HalloweenThe Munsters: "Follow That Munster" (1965)
Ah, Herman, why the racist Asian charicature? (5/10)
d. Joseph Pevney

Tales from the Crypt: "My Brother's Keeper" (1990)
Not as crazy or as funny as it could've been. (5/10)
d. Peter S. Seaman

Tales from the Crypt: "The Secret" (1990)
Even in 1990, day-for-night shots looked like hell. (6/10)
d. Michael Riva

Tales from the Crypt: Season II Shockumentary (2005)
Much more informative than last season's featurette. (6/10)
d. Eric Matthies

The Munsters: "Love Locked Out" (1965)
It really doesn't take much to piss Lily off lately. (6/10)
d. Charles T. Barton

[Watched 100 miles north of homebase at Mom's house]