23 October 2006

MST3K (418)

418 - Attack of the the Eye Creatures - This movie was great. The "they just didn't care" parts were incredibly entertaining. I couldn't believe it when the the extra eye creatures starting appearing dressed only in black bodysocks. The day-night mix-ups were pretty standard for this type of film and it seems like a number of recent experiments have had this problem. Considering the rather large plot point on how to dispatch these creatures in this particular picture, the day-is-night shooting was one of the funnier budget-saving flubs I've seen in a film.

Hmm, another host segment dedicated to some random actor who resembles a character in the movie. Never heard of this Earl Holliman guy. I gather he was on the writers' minds because of the series of commercials that preceded the short-lived sitcom Delta, not that that helps any of us non-Holliman fans nowadays. Of course, the power of the writers' fetish for some '70s show called Police Women was also a factor, as they've mentioned that program in the past as well.

The "Eye Creature Accessories" host segment was fun. We got about a month's worth of invention exchanges in there. I think my favorite item was the giant, multi-armed mascara. The thought of the the Eye Creatures trying to apply makeup to their lashes is amusing on its own. And, unlike the preceding segment, it doesn't matter whether you know who Rip Taylor is; the guys are just acting goofy.

I wonder if Larry Buchanan has ever seen his portrayal in the final host segment of this episode? If so, I bet he joined Sandy Frank's MST fanclub.

"That night. The next morning. Sometime that evening." (7/10)

film d. Larry Buchanan (1965)
mst d. Joel Hodgson (5 Dec 1992)